is the future.


Laser sublimation from solid wood, veneer or any other desired organic material is for us both the present and a tool for the future. With that, strasserthun, founder of their own brand sublidot, particularly values the unique laser system, which can manipulate the material in an exceedingly gentle manner. Delicate and clean with complex object forms or sizes, this also generates a consistent quality in uneven forms. Creativity inherits a new dimension.


Laser expertise for interior design
and furniture construction.


From the Norm To the Individual Solution.


The sublidot Laser System is geared to the needs of interior architecture, furniture construction and semi-finished products. Nowadays, in order to produce in a high-quality and efficient manner, besides precise workmanship, a great amount of high-tech is necessary. In this way, our laser systems also produce individual customer designs – for fronts used in kitchens, bathrooms, on cupboards, as well as furniture elements or facings for walls and ceilings.


from Switzerland.


sublidot is a brand of the Swiss family enterprise strasserthun. In the heart of a carpenter’s shop with traditional craftsmanship. In the blood the feeling for material innovation and technique. With passion and the highest degree of dependability, we achieve what the world of design desires. Without exception, objects that delight.


To the limit and beyond.


Its style, its designers. sublidot develops surfaces and products which follow no trends, and yet they outlast them. For this, the Swiss enterprise counts on the creative process and the closely linked collaboration of successful designers. Each creator has their own style and the highest demands on the workmanship and the material.



with the German Design Award.


Hit the mark: strasserthun has won Gold in Excellent Product Design with sublidot at the German Design Award 2017. In close collaboration with six designers, the pattern has been developed by means of a precision laser capable of multiple grades of engraving and cutting. The patterns of the “Collection – MDF patterned” can be included in any room design.


Two Brands.

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